Impartialilty of the BBC seriously questioned by Charles Moore

In an excellent article by Charles Moore in the Daily Telegraph, he concludes with this,

The one entity, in short, in which the BBC feels permanently uninterested is the individual citizen.

It is not surprising that the BBC takes him [the individual citizen] for granted, because it can. It takes his money by law, and without his consent, in the form of the licence fee. Until this ends, the BBC will, with the finest impartiality, refuse to tell his story.

I’m grateful to Charles Moore for dissecting the report by Stuart Prebble, ex-BBC, for the BBC Trust on Breadth of Opinion Reflected in the BBC’s Output”.

I’ve struggled through the report, which is not a model of report construction, being dense and with a poor structure. Stuart Prebble’s conclusion are,

  • The BBC is slow to reflect the weight of concern in the wider community about issues arising from immigration.
  • The BBC is slow to give appropriate prominence to the growing weight of opinion opposing UK membership of the EU, …
  • The BBC’s services of worship, news and analysis produced by its Religion and Ethics team is comprehensive and impressive.
  • Many senior people in the BBC are aware of the concern that it draws a higher than average proportion of its key decision makers from a relatively narrow band of social backgrounds and perspectives.

Charles Moore’s analysis is sharper that Stuart Prebble’s, in my opinion.

3 thoughts on “Impartialilty of the BBC seriously questioned by Charles Moore

  1. Don’t agree nobody ever asked me or most of the silent majority about Europe, This is just another attempt by the antis to get their message across and deflect from the failings of this awful Eton led priviledged millionaires government!!


  2. Brian B here are a few of the Labour MP’s who went to private schools; Tony Blair, Harriet Harman, Ed Balls, Yvette Cooper, Stephen Byers, David Milliband and Ed Milliband. There are many many more. I don’t think we should criticise our countries leaders for having a good education?


  3. My reply was about some politicians trying to influence the BBC, it should be independent and not necessarily reflect the governments line or any others that think it can influence them by threats.
    Also regarding the priviledged millionaires without any idea of how the normal person has to live and work., it doesn’t matter who went, most of them only got the education because it was paid for and not earned by right . One rule for the rich and b the rest.


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