Important pieces of Royal Logistic Corps Officers Mess Silver

At civic events we’ve had the occasional, and particular pleasure of dining in the Royal Logistic Corps officers mess, with tables sumptuously decorated in mess silver.

While at the RLC Corps Day, we stopped by the tent where some of the silver was on display, resplendent in the summer sun. I talked with Sgt Alan Dobson about the silver and a little of the story I knew of one piece, ‘The RAOC Apprentice’, which was modelled on Major Nick Turnbull. I know this because at a civic dinner, where the statue was placed opposite Maj Nick Turnbull, Brigadier Alistair Deas told the dinner guests all about it, including asking Maj Nick Turnbull to stand up, which drew murmurs of appreciative applause.

Handily, we bumped into Nick, and his wife Lisa, and invited them to the mess silver tent to join up with the statue and Sgt Dobson. I’m pleased that Sgt Alan Dobson let me record a short interview with him. We both suffer from poor hearing, which, humourously you’ll pick up from the interview.

Sadly, when the RLC finally leave our Borough, we’ll lose all this.

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