Visiting the new Next Home and Garden store on opening day

A very full car park, a shiny new store, and plenty of perfectly arranged merchandise for shoppers to buy.

The Next Home and Garden store in Camberley’s Meadows store complex opened its doors to shoppers today. It’s a huge improvement on the tired Homebase store and format that previously occupied the site.

We were just as curious as the many other shoppers to see the new store. All the plants in the outdoor plant area were perfect, and beautifully arranged. It’ll be interesting to see how long they can maintain the standard of the opening day. Oh, and I was pleasantly surprised to the number of goods of British manufacture. This is a trend we need to continue. Stores like Next can be hugely influential in pushing British manufacturers to provide the goods that they need.

The Camberley Society has been following progress, with their last post HERE, and latest HERE. I imagine they’ll too provide a report on this new store in our borough. Meanwhile here are a few images of the new store.

One thought on “Visiting the new Next Home and Garden store on opening day

  1. A new out of town store with over 160 free parking places in contrast to Camberley town centre where customers pay £1.60 to park in a car park with ancient payment machines that don’t work properly – no wonder there is “A very full car park” at this new store.
    The council state the proposed increase in parking charges in Camberley will “have no effect on footfall” and yet we all know free parking is the life blood of out of town stores.

    Surrey Heath councillors show little support for the High Street and continue to ignore the advice of their MP Michael Gove.
    I quote from a letter he recently wrote about the proposed increase in parking charges in the town:

    “I can appreciate why you and other countless High Street shop-owners in the town feel so frustrated and let down, as it is all too easy to see why residents and visitors should choose to shop in a supermarket with its accommodating car park rather than in the local shops.
    In order to help small businesses and boost local economies, the Government has been backing the move towards a relaxation of High Street car-parking regulations and charges for those who wish to park and shop for short periods, and I am disappointed that Mary Portas’s excellent advice has been ignored where Camberley is concerned.”

    Perhaps you and your fellow councillors could listen to this advice and consider your position on parking in Camberley town centre.
    Town customers constantly echo your MP’s words about wishing to “park and shop for short periods” as they can in stores like the new Next, just as you almost certainly did.
    Still, a lovely new store although for every £1 you spend in your local independent business, between 50p-70p circulates back into your local economy, the same £1 spent out of town or online, only about 5p trickles back to the community…


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