Appeal against Tesco Express store in Lightwater dismissed

Opposition to a Tesco Express store at 89-91 Guildford Road in Lightwater fails on appeal. The Planning Inspector’s judgement did make some concessions to local opposition, by limiting opening hours. Not by much though. Here’s what he said,

“I consider that limiting the hours of opening to between 0700-2200, Monday – Saturday, and 0700–2100 on Sunday and Bank Holidays would be appropriate. To protect the living conditions of neighbours it is also necessary to limit the servicing of the store to hours similar to the normal working day and to minimise disturbance during the construction process.”

The reasons the Inspector gives for dismissing the appeal show that in the process on reviewing the application changes have been made which lessen the impact on Lightwater’s village centre. The key objections he rejected are:

  • Overcoming the dangers of using large servicing vehicles. Tesco submitted a draft servicing plan, and explained to the Inspector how they have worked satisfactorily elsewhere. The Inspector accepted that the servicing plan, agreeing that it would need, amongst other things, vehicle manoeuvring space to be free, and the use of relatively small delivery vehicles and fore-knowledge by store managers of their arrival. He felt the draft servicing management plan would not threaten highway safety.
  • Overcoming highway safety objections. This was the key factor that the Inspector considered. The Inspector viewed that the altered kerb-line coming with the speed table, which replaced the footpath build out to regulate movement of vehicles, increased the sightline available to the north, from 17m to 25m, and that along with the traffic survey data shows that this is acceptable in terms of highway safety.
  • Lack of available car parking. The inspector concluded that, “Although similar in principle to the previous scheme, the size of the store has been reduced, there would be two additional car parking spaces and there is provision for service vehicles to turn on site”.

Nothing more to say.

12 thoughts on “Appeal against Tesco Express store in Lightwater dismissed

  1. Strictly, isn’t it that Tesco’s appeal has succeeded, rather than an appeal against it has failed? My – ignorant! – understanding is that the situation is rather asymmetric, with applicants able to appeal against a rejection, but opponents can’t appeal against an approval.


  2. Camberley Eye, you’re absolutely correct. Paying the penalty of trying to construct a catchy title to the article. Perhaps it should have been ‘Tesco wins appeal on Tesco Express in Lightwater’.


  3. I mentioned it on Twitter yesterday, as it seemed avant-face so as to speak – but the bottom line is that Budgens aint gonna be pleased !


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  5. Budgens need to up their game then if they are not pleased. I boycotted Budgens for a while ( I use to shop in the store 4-5 times a week) as the young staff in the evening were very often all giggles and planning nights out, shelves are very often half empty and their prices were hardly competitive. That said I have noticed the prices improving in the last couple of months. Having a bit of retail competition in Lightwater is healthy for more choice and allows people to benefit from better prices so personally I see no problem with it.


  6. I agree with your comments. There has been little or no improvement at Budgens. Tesco competition must be a plus for Lightwater.
    Any parking/safety issues need to addressed.


  7. I have been to Budgens on a number of occasions recently to find that that certain vegetables and bread were out of stock by 6.30 p.m. and fridges were closed due to leaks. It definitely needs a reality check. Competition sometimes is the only answer as much as perhaps the presence of Tesco is less attractive than some other operators.


  8. Bring on Tesco’s I say ! Cannot wait to get a decent mini supermarket, The food at budgens is never good quality and expensive. Also never fresh ! Budgens should spend more time on giving the place a revamp instead of chopping down trees on the square As soon as Tescos moves in I will be shopping there. Better quality food and better priced. If Duffy and his crew doesnt like it…well sell up !!


  9. Will Tesco be paying substantial compensation to those residents near this development whose homes are going to be blighted by it and those who have to move?


  10. I love the idea of Tesco coming to Lightwater. Budgens have had it too good for too long. What I could never understand was the amount of objections raised by so called local residents ( the petition pushed by Budgens till staff may have had something to do with it.) Budgens need to take note when Tesco open on how to influence customers and give them what they want, Quality, Freshness, Availability. In addition the prices at Budgens are atrocious. Maybe something to do with having the monopoly in the village.


  11. Prices are indeed a joke:-

    – 2 medium sized Baking Spuds
    – A Leek complete with (too much) foliage
    – small packet of Dog Treats
    – an Eccles Cake
    – a fruit Scone

    £6.60 ……. sigh


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