A journey by car, foot, fast ferry, and tube train; where am I?

Hmm, obviously a journey on land and sea. But where? that’s the question. There are many possible answers, depending on where you’re starting from. This though is a journey we made yesterday.

Have you got it yet?

No. We journeyed from home to Portsmouth, parked the car a Gunwharf Quays, walked through Portsmouth Harbour train station to the foot passenger catamaran terminal to Ryde on the Isle of Wight, and then at Ryde Pier Head railway station boarded an ex-London Underground tube train.

Planning to enjoy a pleasant afternoon walk to Bembridge, we got off the train at Brading Station. The fascinations of Brading Station and Brading Signal Box meant we never did the walk, but enjoyed a tour of the renovated Victorian station and signal box.

I feel an explanation coming on. I’ve a fond childhood memory of being in a mainline signal box for an afternoon, which I know wasn’t allowed even in those far off days. As a young boy interested in trains it was a highlight of one sunny school summer holiday. Don’t you find that memories of all school holidays as being sunny. So, the visit to a recently refurbished signal box bought back memories of past childhood fun.

The restoration of Brading Signal Box and Station won an award from the Railway Heritage Trust in 2010. A worthy award because, as you see from my photo montage, it’s a delightful place to spend a good part of an afternoon. I even managed to interview our guide John, one of the Friends of Brading Station.

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