When will Belted Galloway cattle return to Folly Bog?

This article directly follows from the previous article on the release of The State of Nature 2013 report, which highlighted the vital need to improve and protect the UK’s “rare and threatened habitats and species found nowhere else on Earth”.

In the chapter of the report on lowland semi-natural grassland and heathland habitat, on page 25 is this chart [click to enlarge] of the factors affecting the changing distribution of wildlife in this habitat. Each of the eight factors apply in Surrey Heath. The report uses a close-up image of Round-leaved sundew, which can be found in Folly Bog.

Factors affecting habitat change

Belted Galloway cattleSurrey Wildlife Trust, who manage Folly Bog and the surrounding lowland heathland have used cattle grazing using friendly Belted Galloway cattle to help maintain the habitat.

When will they return?

Listen to an excellent interview with  Surrey young farmer Luke Smith who manages Belted Galloway for the National Trust.

Luke Smith on managing Beleted Galloway cattle

One thought on “When will Belted Galloway cattle return to Folly Bog?

  1. When will they return?

    When SWT replace the fencing & kissing gates removed from the Red Road southern boundary with Folly Bog ?


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