The joys of Surrey Heath’s horticultural golden mile

Plantaholics and gardeners will probably know that the stretch of the A30 from Notcutts Garden Centre in Bagshot to the Hillier Garden Centre in Windlesham is known in the horticultural trade as the ‘Golden Mile’.

Why, simply because of the concentration of nurseries and garden centres, and the volume of business that they do. There’s Notcutts Bagshot Garden Centre, Longacres, Windlesham Garden Centre, Hillier Sunningdale Garden Centre, and, the online plant nursery.

I’ve written about our borough’s nursery heritage HERE, and we shouldn’t forget that Windlesham Arboretum was once the site of Frommow’s Nursery.

I’m now able to say that I’ve been to all these nurseries and garden centres. Because on Saturday I visited the nursery, which is only open to the public on certain days a year, and last Saturday they let the public wander through the nursery to buy from their Chelsea Flower Show stock. Did I buy, yes, but I’m not admitting to how much I spent.

The nursery is open to the public again on 7th September 2013 for their Autumn Planting Sale. Here’s my brief photo montage of my visit.

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