Ed Miliband’s radio interview disaster

The press and media have variously called Labour leader Ed Miliband’s interview yesterday with Martha Kearney, on BBC Radio 4’s World at One programme, as a car crash, a disaster, and a Milishambles.

When I’ve heard interviews described as such, I’ve rarely found it to be true. Not so with Ed Miliband’s radio interview [Listen to it HERE]. It is exactly that, an absolute disaster. Small errors, misspeaks, or whatever, can be excused. What can’t be excused, and will come back again, and again, to haunt Ed Miliband is an interview such as this. Here’s part of the discussion,

MK: “Let me ask you about one of your policies; the 10p VAT cut, how long would you cut VAT for?”

EM: “For about a year, we’ve said we’ll have a temporary VAT cut …..”

The discussion continues about how to fund a £12 billion cut in VAT and how quickly this will stimulate growth in the economy. It’s up to you to decide to listen or not. It is, though, an instructive interview on determining Labour’s competence in running the economy.

One thought on “Ed Miliband’s radio interview disaster

  1. Is this as bad as David Cameron saying in the commons he had frozen council tax when here in surrey the conservatives have increased the tax!!!


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