Report says the state of our crumbling roads worsens

ALARM Survey 2013 SummaryPothole on Maultway nr Yockley CloseFor a number of years I’ve reported on the annual ALARM Survey produced by the Asphalt Industry Alliance [AIA].  I’m an inveterate seeker out of potholes to report to our Highways Authority. You can see my somewhat geeky interest in them HERE.

Released by the AIA on March 14th, 2013 is their “18th Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance [ALARM] Survey was completed by 75 per cent of councils across England and Wales and reports that the number of potholes filled over the last year rose to over two million, an increase of 29 per cent on the previous year”.

The survey contains plenty of data for the reader to digest. The Key Findings, shown on the right, highlight the principal statistics. There are other important statistics, such as these;

  • Percentage of local authorities responding to the survey is 77%
  • Average cost to repair one pothole: £52 in England, £62 in London
  • Average number of potholes repaired by local authorities in England: 16,041
  • Percentage of local authorities badly affected by in 2012: 65% in England

Viewing the Key Findings of previous annual surveys shows that even as greater funds are allocated to the task of road repair, the backlog of repair remains.

As a reminder to readers, you too can report potholes. First look HERE to decide if it is a pothole, and report the details HERE. It’s a simple and easy process. I think it helps to attach a photo of the pothole, as then there’s visible evidence of the seriousness of the pothole.

One thought on “Report says the state of our crumbling roads worsens

  1. Lets not overlook the cost of non-conformance; viz the cost to County Councils in compensation payouts …..


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