Chobham Parish Council by-election result

While away on ‘ze continent’ there’s been happenings in our Borough. Last week a by-election was held for a vacancy on Chobham Parish Council. Here’s the result,

Debra Barr (Con) 375 – 43.5% (-19.7% on 2012)

Victoria Wheeler (Ind) 441 – 51.1% (+25.2%)

Richard Wilson (Lab) 45 – 5.2% (-5.3%)

Turnout 862 = 28.5% (+4.9%)

This data I’d imagined would be available on the Surrey Heath Borough Council website, and the Chobham Parish Council website. Sadly, not so in either case. I’ve obtained the result from losing candidate Richard Wilson’s blog.

I’ve read local blogs about this election, and admit to some confusion. Their desire for parish councillors to be independent of sponsorship of political parties might be laudable. Though to do so doesn’t stop candidates from having political affiliations, strong or weak, or even muddled. Where there’s local precedent and history of Independent councillors, it fits the local narrative for Independent candidates to stand for election.

In elections at Parish and Borough level, electors will vote for candidates they think offers the most passionate support for local issues, although not entirely so. At national elections, voters are electing a government. A government comprising many Independents wouldn’t make for effective government.

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