Councillors expected to know what’s happening

There’s a general perception that Councillors know what’s going on. Reasonable you should rightly think. Sadly, this isn’t true.

Here’s an example of not knowing what’s happening just a few hundred metres from our home. To the south of Red Road lies Brentmoor Heath, Folly Bog, Hangmoor, and Red Road Hill. All this land is managed, I believe, by Surrey Wildlife Trust for its owners which include Surrey Heath Borough Council, and the Ministry of Defence.

The area around Folly Bog has had intermittent cattle grazing for many years. Fencing and cattle grids contained the cattle in the area. I’ve noticed that all the fencing has been removed, including kissing gates and stiles. 

Questions arise. Why is this happening, and should councillors be informed of this work? Answers, I don’t know, and yes.

I’ve enquired of Surrey Wildlife Trust by email, and will let you know the result.

Over time Councillors learn about sources of information, and make mental notes of them. One such that took me a while to find a reliable source was about the use of the Greyspot Grenade Range adjacent to Brentmoor Heath. HERE’s what I found. West End Parish Council publish the Greyspot Grenade Range Firing Schedule.

Suggestions most welcome.

2 thoughts on “Councillors expected to know what’s happening

  1. Does seem odd that the fencing & gates have gone – cant have been there more than 5 years or so, or maybe that was a major refurb I recall?

    Anyways, one wonders what happens to the materials – I doubt they will be reused – where would they be stored ?

    Reminds me – any news on the mooted extra auto-activated speed sign on the westbound side of Red Road bends?


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