Effects of Army returning from Germany on Surrey Heath

Flag of the British ArmyIn January 2011 I wrote about where to find the Army in Surrey Heath.

Today, the Ministry of Defence announced the new homes of the regular Army on the withdrawal of British military forces from Germany.

With the closure of Princess Royal Barracks at Deepcut, they’ll be no regular army units based in Surrey Heath, although there’ll be some very close to us.

Pirbright remains one of the Army’s Training Centres, and Minley remains one of two homes of the Royal School of Military Engineering. The Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, while mostly in a neighbouring borough is partly in Surrey Heath, and the Army Engagement Team is based there.

The BBC’s article describes the changes in outline. The detailed changes can be seen in the Regular Army Basing Plan. In summary, from that plan, these are the changes I’ve noted:

  • 1st Battalion Welsh Guards moves to Pirbright in summer 2013
  • 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards moves into Keogh Barracks by 2015
  • Military Stabilisation Group is moving from Minley Barracks to Hermitage Barracks in Newbury
  • Headquarters 8 Engineer Brigade moves to Minley Barracks in 2014

There are military facilities in our borough,

  • Military Hospital Unit at Frimley Park Hospital
  • Former Army Staff College Camberley is now the home of Army Medical Services
  • Army Medical Services Museum at Keogh Barracks
  • Until their move to Worthy Down, the Royal Logistic Corps Headquarters is at Princess Royal Barracks in Deepcut, as are the Defence College of Logistics and Personnel Administration, RLC 25th Training Regiment, Band of the Royal Logistic Corps, and the Royal Logistic Corps Museum.

There’ll still be soldiers living in our borough, although shortly [with the closure of Princess Royal Barracks] they’ll be no barracks in Surrey Heath.

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