Lightwater Country Park Visitor Centre improvements

VisitorCentreAt Tuesday evening’s Executive Committee meeting of Surrey Heath, item 13 on the agenda was to approve the expenditure of capital sums to improve leisure facilities in the Borough.

Three projects have been approved:

  1. £40,000 to improve Frimley Lodge Pavillion, which involves refurbishing the toilet facilities and self-contained kitchenettte, along with converting two changing rooms into a space for community and commercial hire.
  2. £70,000 to improve the Lightwater Country Park Heathland Visitor Centre, involving the addition of a conservatory-style extension that allows for a combined cafe/visitor/outdoor education centre.
  3. £32,080 to renovate Burrell Road play area in Frimley

With the success of Frimley Lodge Park’s Pistachio’s in the Park cafe, there’s no reason not to believe that a year-round facility in Lightwater Country Park would also be a success. The plans for an outdoor education centre sound encouraging, and I’ll aim to find out more about what is being planned.

The Park’s Visitor Centre is an under utilised asset.  There’s a regularly used play area close by, which should provide a necessary source of customers.

2 thoughts on “Lightwater Country Park Visitor Centre improvements

  1. I think thats great news – yes, much underused. hopefully they will make it local rather than farmed out to some conglomerate.


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