Notcutts/Waitrose development review: 3 of 3

It’s good that both Notcutts and Waitrose welcome comment on the proposal for their new stores in Bagshot. As the exhibition of their plans has now ended, comments to them must now be via:

*All comments must be registered by Thursday 28th February 2013, and are through PPS, a community consultation consultancy.

As to my own views, I consider it a positive development with many benefits for Bagshot, not least local employment. I guess my key concern is that the new stores don’t drive customers out of Bagshot village centre, and in this vein my concerns are to:

  • Ensure that the development is not isolated from the centre of Bagshot. Perhaps through innovative signage, and architectural devices; such as digital signage that displays Bagshot centre activities and vice versa, and also with some form of marking in the footpaths and lanes leading from the village to the stores, eg. Chantry Road and Chapel Lane.
  • Further connect Bagshot’s centre to the new stores with occasional joint events. 
  • Aim for an improved BREEAM assessment from ‘Very Good’ to ‘Excellent’.
  • Recognise that the rear of the development is viewable from the top of Curley Hill, and needs as sensitive design as the frontage.
  • Improve the understanding of traffic movements from the development onto the A30 – Jenkins Hill, such that priority is given to free flow of traffic along the A30.

In the weeks ahead I’ll talk with interested parties and ensure their views are registered.

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