Getting trapped at an exhibtion

Yesterday evening I joined other local councillors at a preview of the Notcutts and Waitrose joint development at Notcutts Garden Centre in Bagshot. Of which more later.

The preview was from 6.0pm to 8.0pm and was held in the restaurant area. Arriving at 6.0pm I parked the car. Walked over to the main entrance, and entered through the automatic opening doors.

I walked through the plant area towards the entrance into the Garden Centre, only to find locked roller shutter doors. Aaargghh, wrong entrance. I retraced my steps back to the front entrance. Guess what, no possible to exit.

A quick wander round revealed a secure garden centre. Not fancying a hairy and very difficult climb over high fences, I looked at the invitation letter and plumped on a mobile phone contact number to ring. Describing my circumstances elicited a promise to call the garden centre. Some time elapsed, after which a call informed me of a lack of success in contacting the garden centre.

Realising it was up to me to extricate myself from my own mistake, I checked on a few more doors, and found an office open with all the lights on. But no exit door. I looked for an internal telephone directory, dialled the duty manager’s number and hey presto, a helpful answer from Lee Gorman, who came round to release me from my self-imposed imprisonment.

You might imagine, I did have fun in telling the story. I chatted to Lee Gorman, and I reckon I’d arrived a bit early and as the garden centre doesn’t close till 6.0pm.

One thought on “Getting trapped at an exhibtion

  1. Utmost sympathy for your predicament!
    Just got back from attending the public consultation at Notcutts of the planned redevelopment (which I heartily support) and was struck by the difference between this very open approach chosen by Waitrose In Bagshot and the ‘cloak & dagger’ approach adopted by Tesco in Lightwater…


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