Tyres, wheels and potholes and overpricing

Today an indicator on the dashboard of our car indicated a problem with tyre pressure. As is the modern way, we carry no spare wheel, just a messy system to re-inflate the tyre with a gloopy compound.

Pothole on Maultway nr Yockley CloseUnsure, even after a mandatory kick of the tyres, which tyre or tyres were the cause, I went to a BP Petrol Station to pump up the tyres. The cost of adding air to the tyre was 50 pence. That’s not good value to my mind, verging on the extortionate. Even after this the pesky warning sign was still showing on the dashboard.

Therefore, I visited Merit Tyre in Bagshot, who were happy to provide free air, and good advice. Should have gone their first. Maybe it’s the potholes in local roads that caused the problem. I’ll never know, although I’m thinking of blaming this one on the Maultway in Heatherside.

I’ve reported it to Surrey County Council Highways. Must say, their reporting system is nifty, as it’s possible to place an indicator mark on a street map. Impressive.

2 thoughts on “Tyres, wheels and potholes and overpricing

  1. trust that you executed the cars OBC reset for the tyre pressure checker after inflation?

    Are they RFTs ? If so, consider dumping them at renewal time and going conventional, a big diffn in ride quality. However, with no spare, you need to carry a can of Holts Tyre weld or similar.


  2. Thanks Speedicus. The guys at Merit Tyre reset it for me, and their tyre guage was accurate, unlike BP Filing Station. Top boys at Merit. Our car is a Honda Civic, which doesn’t have run flat tyres. It has a can of a sort of gloop. Good sound advice, I’ll get a can of Holts Tyre Weld. Thks.


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