We’re all subject to influences

Yesterday I had a morning meeting with my fellow Councillor, Paul Deach, in George’s Coffee Bar in Lightwater. Paul is the social media guru and champion in Surrey Heath, and so I had an injection of enthusiasm about the latest things to do with social media, particularly for Councillors.

Paul spoke about Waze, Klout, TweetyHall, camcorders, podcast devices, and more. I’m slowly working through the list. Ugh, Waze is just released for my Blackberry phone, meaning it’s a beta, and not a fully featured version. Klout will measure my influence, and I’ll be interested to see how it works. My Klout score is 41, which I don’t know if is good or bad. I’ve been influenced, as you can see.

Meanwhile, I saw, in the Daily Telegraph, Steve McCurry’s photo’s of India, which are being exhibited. The photo –  ‘Boy in mid-flight, Jodhpur, 2007’ reminded me of a similar, and earlier photo by Henri Cartier-Bresson – ‘Greece 1961 Cyclades, Island of Siphnos’. I reckon that Steve was influenced, in a good way of course. Judge for yourself.

Obvious I know, but we’re all influenced, in some way or other, so long as quality is a component.

HCB1961015W07342-25A26C Steve McCurry, Boy in mid-flight, Jodhpur, 2007 x250

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