Just as much fun as expected sadly not for Tony O’Shea

The Lakeside World Professional Darts Championships gave Frimley Green world-wide TV exposure all last week. The final, broadcast live on BBC TV, didn’t produce the result that the audience wanted. Tony O’Shea was the crowd favourite, sadly for the third time in the championships he was the loser, this time to Scott Waites.

I’ll not cover the ground again about the championship as I have in my previous post. I’ll just provide a flavour of the event in this photo blog.

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2 thoughts on “Just as much fun as expected sadly not for Tony O’Shea

  1. Hi Paul just a huge thanks for covering the World Darts and keeping the local people in touch with what we do here. and congratulations for winning the 2 tickets from the Mayors charity raffle. Although I was working the whole of the darts event I think I clocked up 92 hours just doing the darts event. I still worked my normal day hours during the week clocking up around 144 hours needless to say I should be exhausted, but strangely enough I think the buzz of the happy people and the atmosphere gives you such a high I feel great. No time to think of being tired. Now it all starts again the bookings are already coming in for next years Darts event. what an amazing 10 days it’s been. Here’s to 2014 World Dart. xxx Joanne Potter.


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