The exponential growth of digital video

Digital video is one the five digital trends that businesses are recommended to embrace in their marketing strategies in 2013.  They are simply responding to public demand, particularly the young and media aware. Although, when Psy has achieved over 1 Billion views on You Tube for his Gangham Style video, online digital video is surely becoming ubiquitous.

Business surveys are projecting exponential growth in digital video. The Economist’s Graphic Detail contains a short video on the topic.  Here’s a chart from the video,

Internet traffic

Therefore, I better get in the game. My camera takes video, not sure about the sound quality. I’m thinking I’ll probably have to get a small portable video camera – a late Christmas present.

One thought on “The exponential growth of digital video

  1. Videos capture the essence of a moment like no other medium.

    The Residents Network YouTube channel currently has over 250 videos of local community related content and the videos collectively have had over 50,000 views. That’s compelling evidence that there is an appetite for his kind of content.

    My video of the Windlesham Pram Race was published only 5 days ago yet it has been viewed 600 times as of this morning. It can be viewed here:

    If you need any advice on a good Camera, let me know.


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