Surrey Heath’s 2012 Health Profile

I’m very late in writing about the 2012 Health Profile for Surrey Heath, which was published in June 2012. Ah, well, at least I have now.

We remain one of the least deprived places in England, and for most health indicators we perform better than the average, often coming out in the top quartile. Where we are not so good is in adult health and lifestyle. Notably we are worst in England for hip fractures in over 65’s.

Surrey Heath health profile 2012

Although lower than the England average, we have shown no improvement in childhood obesity. Nor have we seen a reduction in children living in poverty. The child health profile for Surrey in 2012 can be seen HERE.  

The At a Glance comments on Surrey Heath’s health profile are:

  • The health of people in Surrey Heath is generally better than the England average. Deprivation is lower than average, however about 1,600 children live in poverty.
  • Life expectancy for both men and women is higher than the England average.
  • Life expectancy is not significantly different for men and women in the most deprived areas of Surrey Heath compared to the least deprived areas.
  • Over the last 10 years, all cause mortality rates have fallen. Early death rates from cancer and from heart disease and stroke have fallen and are better than the England average.
  • About 13.3% of Year 6 children are classified as obese, lower than the average for England. Levels of initiation and smoking in pregnancy are better than the teenage pregnancy, GCSE attainment, breast-feeding England average.
  • The estimated level of adult smoking is better than the England average. Rates of hip fractures and road injuries and deaths are worse than the England average. Rates of sexually transmitted infections and smoking related deaths are better than the England average.
  • Priorities in Surrey Heath include physical activity, alcohol and excess winter deaths.

 I’ll do some analysis of this data in a little while.

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