A responsibility you might not know you had

This isn’t the most fun topic in the world. I thought you might like to learn about how Surrey Heath handles the anti-social practice of illegal fly-tipping. It was one of the many topics we discussed at the Surrey Heath’s Community Services Scrutiny Committee meeting in December.  

The committee report said there were 277 reported incidents of fly tipping in the 12 months to September 2012.

What was discussed was that legislation places an obligation on householders, who must “take all reasonable steps to ensure that waste is only taken from their homes by operators who are authorised to do so”.  This means that householders have a legal responsibility to ensure that when employing traders or private rubbish clearing operators that they are registered with the Environment Agency as a waste carrier.

I imagine that this is a responsibility that you didn’t know you had.

While Annex A to the committee report shows that in order of least number of reported incidents of fly-tipping, Surrey Heath came 3rd of the 11 Surrey Boroughs. I looked to see how we perform nationally.

I checked Defra’s website for Local Authority data on fly-tipping, which shows that on 18th December 2012 estimates of local authority managed fly-tipping for England for the year to March 2012 were published. The statistics are based on data submitted by all local authorities in England to the Environment Agency’s Flycapture system. What they showed were:

  • Surrey Heath were 24th with 227 incidents

And that our neighbours, who often appear above us other surveys, rated less well, with:

  • Hart at number 117 with 602 incidents
  • Elmbridge 119th with 608
  • Wokingham 131st with 645

One thought on “A responsibility you might not know you had

  1. The costs associated with clearing up the fly-tipped rubbish are heavy!

    A couple of years back in Turf Hill carpark, some contractors were clearing up a 2 carpark slot sized pile of mixed building waste, garden waste and many black bags….. apparently they have a call-out charge on top of their annual retainer – and then of course they have to pay to tip in an Official Site.

    The cost for the ratepayer in that case was well over £300 !!


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