A perfect example of the unseemly

The talk about an unequal distribution of New Year honours between Olympians and Paralympians is unseemly. And this includes Ken Livingstone’s admission that he turned down an honour. Both are equally unseemly.

Here’s the Oxford English Dictionary definition of unseemly,

  • adjective (unseemlier, unseemliest): (of behaviour or actions) not proper or appropriate: an unseemly squabble


One thought on “A perfect example of the unseemly

  1. I think Wiggo’s Knighthood way over the top. Don’t get me wrong, he should be recognised, but an MBE would have been fine. If he then decides to use his celebrity status as a force of good going forward then there would be room to recognise this in the future. I think the proportionality of these honours shows someone is seriously out of touch and actually makes a mockery of the awards themselves.


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