Why does Camberley High Street close at night?

That’s a question I’ve been asked by a Lightwater resident. I should have known the complete details, but admitted to not knowing for sure, I agreed to find out.

Camberley High StreetThe answer is Camberley High Street closes from 6.0pm to 4.0am on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Bank Holidays, and Christmas. A barrier is lowered and secured across the entrance to the High Street by Police, and unlocked and raised by the Parking team the following morning.

The purpose is twofold. It allows a safe, traffic-free environment, for people leaving pubs and clubs late at night, minimising overcrowding at specific points, and thereby reducing the potential for rowdy behaviour. Also, it enables police a clear view of the High Street and the people leaving clubs and bars.

The taxi rank in the High Street, and their marshals move to outside the old Allders store and the evenings of street closure.

The result of the  closure is a big reduction in anti-social activity associated with, what is now called, the night-time economy. This closure is the result of a successful trial closure in 2010. One thing I’m not sure about is  for how long this closure bylaw is approved. More checking to do.

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