Lightwater Flood Study progress report

At last week’s Community Services Scrutiny Committee meeting, a verbal update on the progress of the Lightwater Flood Study was given to members.

We should be pleased that the borough has retained the services of its Drainage Engineer, while many other Surrey boroughs have lost theirs. His flood study of Lightwater aims to identify the ditches, gully’s and streams that capture surface water run-off. No simple task when there are incomplete maps and plans.

One key area of the study is to discuss alterations to the capacity of  Hammonds Pond in Lightwater Country Park to take run-off water from the M3. I imagine that’s news to you. 

Outflow from Hammonds Pond drains into Lightwater Stream, and is a major component of the stream’s content. Our Drainage Engineer is discussing this issue with Mouchel [Highways Agency’s contractor], and the  acquiring of flow data into Hammonds Pond. Some months of data is needed before action can be taken to increase the capacity of Hammonds Pond.

The photo’s below are of the inflow pipe from the M3. It might not appear so, but this pipe is deeply hidden in the undergrowth, and I risked slipping into the pond to get this photo on a very wet day. On the same very wet day, I took a photo of the outflow from the upper Hammonds Pond.

Hammond Pond outflowHammond Pond inflow

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