Latest on road safety improvements to Red Road

At the Surrey Heath Local Committee meeting last week, issues around Red Road were the dominant subject. Rightly so too.

If you want to know what a Local Committee does, then look HERE.  Essentially, these committees discuss and agree local highways and parking provision, such as, 20mph speed limit in Bagshot village centre, pedestrian crossings, waiting restrictions, and road safety improvements.

While James Chapple, reports in the Camberley News & Mail,  that “A RAFT of new safety measures aim to slash the accident rate on what one county councillor described as the most dangerous road in Surrey.”

I’m not so sure that it’s right to describe them as new safety measures. I’ve been arguing for two years, and did so again last week, that the missing traffic hazard warning signs need replacing. Type Red Road, or Petition into the Search box on this blog for proof.

Surrey County Council’s Highways officer attending last week’s meeting said in answer to my question, about when the signs were to be replaced, that he was, “embarrassed” and “offer apologies” that the work had not yet been done. Saying also that it would be done early in the new year.

Similarly, reducing the speed limit on Red Road from 60mph to 50mph has been in discussion for years.

So shortly we’ll have re-erected road signs, a lower speed limit, and a new Vehicle Activated Sign. All good stuff.  It still leaves the desires of local residents for a controlled crossing point to access the heathland and the path alongside Red Road, and potential junction improvements with Lightwater Road and Macdonald Road.

21 thoughts on “Latest on road safety improvements to Red Road

  1. There were two further updates on this during the actual meeting itself.

    1) I asked that there is a formal report at the next Local Committee detailing what has been done already by the County Council along with a response to all outstanding requests known by SCC from residents and local councillors. This was agreed by all members – next meeting is in mid March. Personally I would like every single query within this so that everyone knows that their concern has been properly considered and if it can’t happen, why that is.

    2) A summary update be circulated to residents in the local area so that everyone knows the present situation. This was not a formal decision but Lavinia Sealy agreed to look at putting some of her allocation towards this. She may wish to comment herself about this as the specifics were not discussed and in any case are more for the local members..


  2. Thanks Rodney. A very good idea for a status report to be presented at the next Local Committee meeting. This could be published in the local press, parish magazines, and be given to community groups of all types.

    If someone was really keen to know about the subject, they could always look at the many dozens of posts on this blog about the topic.

    You’ve given me an idea. I’ll post a blog that gives links to the most relevant of my blog posts.

    Thanks again.


  3. erecting roadworks traffic lights down in the ‘dip’ section @ 10.30ish this morn – will see what they’ve done later !


  4. 50 mph signs up on the western section beyond the future RR / Macdonald Rd future mini roundabout – only 1 I could see to the east and A322 ?


  5. I spotted them too Speedicus, but it was at dusk and I wasn’t counting them. I’ll do as you will probably do and count them in both directions.


  6. the eastern section is now populated – I think its 10 in each direction?

    any idea what the magenta colour paint splashes are on some of the roadside branches in the section from the Folly to New England ?


  7. Tim, thx for replying on t’other thread; these markings arent red, but a weird shade of pink/lilac/dunno ! – mostly visible on scrubby branches rather than trunks – a very visible section about 300 yards past the Folly on lhs on the way to Gordons R’bout / A322


  8. Browsing West End Parish Council minutes and noticed they are concerned about the quality & impact of cutting/flailing the borders on the Red Road.

    Tim – any idea whose domain (which Councillor) ‘owns’ Red Road – specifically the houses and track called New England?


  9. Tim, please if you have a moment could you outline the role of a SHBC Ward Councillor and a Parish Councillor – assume theres some overlap, but curious as to how responsibilities are allocated and/or assumed?

    EG if I wish to persue something related to New England Hill, would I approach a West End Parish Councillor, or one of the West End Ward Councillors for SH ?



  10. Speedicus, in brief, it’s a matter of responsibilites, whether they are legal or advisory.

    The Parish Council is responsible for the land that they own, generally this is public amenity land. They may also be a burial authority if they own a public cemetery. They may provide bus shelters, benches, assume responsibility for ditch and verge maintenance. They have an advisory role on planning matters and any other area on which they wish to comment, or are invited to comment. They will also have formal responsibilities for some local charities. Occasionally parish councils have staff who maintain footpaths and tracks. Not sure if West End PC do this.

    The Borough Council have formal powers and resonsibility for planning; waste collection and recycling; collection of council tax and business rates; environmental health, such as monitoring food safety; council house allocation; licensing; cultural activities such as theatres, leisure centres and community centres. They have a large land holding both as landlord and of amenity land, such as Brentmoor Heath, which is managed for Surrey Heath by Surrey Wildlife Trust. Oh, and things like, Community Transport, Meals on wheels, Dog control and dog bin collection, and more that I can’t think of at the moment.

    Hope this helps. You could contact Adrian Page who’s both a parish and borough councillor, or Keith Bush[West End Borough Councillor] who’s an executive committee member [Surrey Heath has an Excecutive, planning, licensing committee and a number of scrutiny committees].

    I’ll refine this and do a blog post on the topic – not immediately though.


  11. Much appreciated – am keeping a watching brief on whats mooted to be happening with access and parking constraints on the trackway leading to New England … and Surrey Wildlife’s & Natural England/English Nature’s etc approach to maintaining access whilst protecting fauna and flora.


  12. Tim – any idea of what’s afoot for the New England trackway off Red Road and the parking areas both there and just off the Gordons Roundabout?

    Apparently there was a meeting there earlier this week (04Mar / 05Mar13) with SHBC and SWT reps as well as local residents?

    I have an active petition on SHBC’s website, with now over 60 names to petition for an improvement in the parking arrangements (simply removing old birch etc to help getting into the existing bays), so I’d hope to get some feedback if the meeting is related?

    Tweeted Adrian Page a couple of weeks ago ….

    Cheers for any insight !



  13. Hi Speedicus. I don’t know much about the issue, other than the discussions between Surrey Heath and SWT are about the issue you mention. The concerns of SH and SWT are around what can be done in an area that has protected designations, which limits what can be done. SWT manage the land on behalf of SH, who are the owners. If it just concerns losing a few Silver Birch trees, I’d have thought it’s not a huge issue.

    I’m unaware of the resident’s issues, and how this affects you request in your petition. I’ll enquire about what’s happening, and come back to you. Although this won’t be until we return from a trip to Strasbourg for all of next week.

    Best, Tim


  14. Good to see you back & blogging Sir!

    Any chance of an update on this topic? Had hoped something would show up on Parish Council Minutes but as yet not published ….

    81 signatures now – pushing for 101 …

    Cheers, ST


  15. Checked on the status of your petition today. It’s complicated. Reason being that uncertain land ownership is being checked by the Council legal team, and therefore the responsibility for maintaining the track [filling in potholes and such]. This work will take some time. As I imagine you’ll know, land here has had a number of owners, including the Army back in the late 1800’s.

    You mention waiting for minutes of the parish council. I’m fairly certain that parish councils have no responsibility here, and which parish council do you mean.

    Hope this helps, Tim


  16. Thanks Tim. Interesting about ownership ….. from observation, research and conversations I had thought like you – (quoting above “SWT manage the land on behalf of SH, who are the owners.”) :-

    Local signage for Brentmoor / New England states that it is (part) owned by SHBC and managed on their behalf by SWT. Other research indicates that the Army retains 50% ownership and the right to take a crop of the pines.

    On the basis that SHBC is in possession, I’d have thought that WEPC were an ‘interested party’ ? Apparently a WEPC Cllr was seen in an onsite meeting there with Residents & SWT a few weeks back

    Given the SWT/SHBC involvement the petition was raised ‘in their domain’ – not to resurface the track, but to improve the parking bays by removing obstacles like the invasive silver birch, which will give more parking and address the unwanted parking on the actual track.

    Cheers, ST


  17. Back to Red Road improvements – temp traffic signals being erected in the dip to the west of the infamous bends @ 10.10 am – plus multiple vehicles and tree-felling kit being prepped …. is this linked to the outstanding installation of the promised Speed Warning auto-triggered sign?

    I do hope they wont install one of those ‘Your Speed is nnn mph’ versions ….


  18. Nope – they are clearing the higher growth under the hi-voltage lines where they run // and cross the road ….. !


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