‘Crucial road improvement’ to M3 accelerated

The new Transport Secretary recently announced a speeding up of crucial road improvements, saying,

“I am determined to cut the time it takes to upgrade our roads in half by dismantling procedures that have slowed us down.”

Three managed motorway road improvement schemes are being accelerated. One of which affects Lightwater’s M3 junction 2. They are, 

The Department for Transport state that,

” Work on the M3 J2 to 4a managed motorway, which was added to the roads programme last autumn, is expected to start 2013/14 and be completed by spring 2015 rather than during 2016. The start of work is subject to the completion of necessary statutory processes. The latest cost-range estimate for the project is £159 million (minimum) to £223 million (maximum).”

“This project is located on 13.4 miles of the M3 Motorway between Junction 12 of the M25 (M3 J2) to the A327 (M3 J4a) in Surrey. Extra capacity will come through converting the hard shoulder to a traffic lane – with variable speed limits helping to reduce congestion and smooth traffic flows.”

Good news. It would be even better if the access to the M3 on ramp from the A322 north of the M3 was widened. The land is available, and it would surely be an improvement.

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