Painting of the week No6: The Washing Line by Percy Harland Fisher

This week’s painting of the week is close to home. It’s The Washing Line by Percy Harland Fisher, which is in the collection of Surrey Heath Museum. The image in the link above is clearer than the image below, which I took last week.

The painting currently hangs in the foyer outside the Council Chamber, and is therefore on public view. The good news is that Surrey Heath Museum’s extensive collection of Percy Harland Fisher paintings will be displayed in the museum from 19th January to 9th March 2013.

I spotted this painting in the museum’s collection, when looking at the paintings they have in store. This is the painting that I liked the most. I like the composition, especially the washing line, its place in the painting and how it, and the line prop provide interesting angles, which contrast with the angles of the roof lines. There’s also a strong sense of movement provided by the washing blowing in the wind.

It’s a lovely painting which to me speaks of home and family, and the beauty of gardens. I hope I get a chance to tag the picture on the PCF’s Your Picture website, because I haven’t found out how to select a painting to tag.

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