Excited to attend royal Garden Party and a concert

We’re hoping the rain stays away tommorrow for our visit to the royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.

I imagine there are others from Surrey Heath attending the royal garden party, and probably more deserving than us. However, Surrey Heath Borough Council received an invitation to one of the two garden parties this year – the other was last Tuesday. We are the lucky ones attending.

The excitement of walking through the Grand Entrance is something we’ll both be looking forward to, and then on through the Palace to the gardens.

What to wear is a key concern. Jany had no problem.  It had to be a new outfit and a bespoke hat made especially for the outfit.

For me, oddly, it’s been a bit more difficult, as immediately after the garden party we’re attending the Go Surrey Concert at the Royal Albert Hall.

While my regular mayoral dress was a variant of morning dress – the semi-formal dress of black jacket and formal striped trousers. Sort of half-way between full morning dress and a lounge suit. Neither it, nor full morning dress would seem to be appropriate for the concert. So, solution is a plain grey suit – with creases freshly pressed.

It’s going to be a busy day, but lots of fun too.

In checking what to wear, I found this interesting blog about two Canadians, Justin & Genevieve living in London, who’ve also been invited to this Garden Party. Wonder if I’ll spot them.

One thought on “Excited to attend royal Garden Party and a concert

  1. Hi Tim – just saw that you linked to our blog, how fun. We posted about our garden party experience. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Cheers! Genevieve


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