Drawing the first pint at the Mytchett Beer Festival

A helper at the Mytchett Beer Festival, held at the Mytchett Community Centre over the Easter weekend, told me that the Festival has been revived by the new centre manager – Lee Willock – after a gap of 15 years. What I say is well done Lee. A terrific initiative,  and very well organised too.

On Saturday we walked past a queue of customers waiting patiently for the doors to open to the main hall at 12.0 midday. Drawing the first official pint of the Festival, I was delighted to announce doors open.

I chose Andwells Gold Muddler as the cask from which to draw the first beer. I can’t proffer any science to the choice, other than I liked the name, and it was the cask in the middle of one of the rows of beers. I don’t know if it’s true to say that the first beer of the day is the nicest, but this was a delightful fresh tasting beer, with a slight citrus taste, which is just how the brewery describe the taste. 

The Festival had 24 cask beers and 4 varieties of cider to sample [click the image to enlarge and see the beers]. There were three beers from Hogs Back Brewery, a personal favourite. A great brewery, and their T.E.A [Traditional English Ale] is my favourite beer. I tried a number of other beers [mind you, in small quantities], and found some with a strong hop bitterness that’s not to my taste. But, in chatting to committed drinkers, I found my choices not to be in the majority.

We both could have stayed all afternoon as the burgers and chips were also of a high standard, but at the potential sacrifice of some Mayoral decorum if I’d continued my tasting.

I hope the event was a success. I imagine it was. It’s good that Surrey Heath now has its own beer festival to counter the huge and successful Woking Beer Festival, which offers over 75 beers.

2 thoughts on “Drawing the first pint at the Mytchett Beer Festival

  1. Crikey Brian B, most of this blog has nothing directly to do with Lightwater. If it were solely about Lightwater then I don’t think there wouldn’t be a great deal to write about. That’s unless you know lots of interesting stuff about Lightwater that I don’t.


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