Graphs of scale of national indebtedness

I dip into the Zero Hedge blog on all things financial when I’ve a moment or two to spare.

Appearing on the blog recently is a link to the home of  insightful infographics at Demonocracy. The lovely image  of French Debt is a small part of an infographic showing truckloads of $100 bills equating to sovereign debt.

There’s an equally good infographic on the exposure of banks to Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain [PIIGS], which shows the truckloads of cash that are needed to rescue the insolvent PIIGS.

Looking at these charts, I sought out other sources on the state of national indebtedness. Here are a couple.

The Economist’s  interactive overview of comparative debt as a % of GDP [Gross Domestic Product] provides another view of debt by country. 

The UK’s position isn’t good. Tullett Prebon’s July 2011 paper  ‘thinking the unthinkable’ , provokes some serious concerns about the UK’s position. 

I know it’s all scary stuff, especially when the UK’s National Debt now tops a £1trillion. I’m not a pessimist or a believer in financial armageddon, as there are some causes for optimism, as my next blog post will show.

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