Wolves fighting spirit

Wolves played Manchester City this evening in the Carling Cup. Must say I was worried that the Premier League’s in form and top team would be a handful for Wolves.

Wolves 2 Man City 5 – Yes, Wolves lost. But when you lose it’s the manner of your losing that counts. So it’s pleasing to read Thom Gibbs in the Daily Telegraph comment after having watched the match:

21.39 Some conclusions:
– Manchester City are through to the quarter finals of the Carling Cup.
– Wolves are not.
– Manchester City are very good at football.
– Wolves are not. They are merely good.
– Dorus de Vries is a good goalkeeper.
– Molineux will seem wrong until that stand is fully built.
Well done City. Hard luck Wolves. Over and out from me, thanks for your company.

While on the BBC online Midweek Football Final Score, Phil Dawkes closes the report of the Wolves match with:

2141: Meanwhile, after three minutes of injury time, the game at Molineux slowly grinds to a finish. It started so well for Wolves, but ended so very painfully. Oh well, at least they don’t have to face a team of this calibre again at the weekend… oh, no, wait, hang on. You have my sympathy Wolves.

Hmmmm. Hmmmmm.

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