Visiting neighbouring Boroughs and Districts

There’s a tradition of inviting neighbouring borough mayors and district chairmen to visit your borough.

These invitations are known as Civic Days. They’re an opportunity to promote the best features of a borough or district to other mayors. While they may sound grand, civic days are generally low-key, consisting mostly of a sightseeing coach trip with stops at significant places of interest, and for reviving tea and biscuits. 

Alongside the visitor attractions included in the civic day is the opportunity to talk with other mayors about how their borough organises things. It’s surprising the amount of difference, even in adjacent boroughs and districts.

One obvious difference is that Borough Councils have mayors, while District Councils and County Councils have a chairman. Districts and Boroughs have exactly the same powers, it’s just that a Borough Council has been granted, by Royal Charter, the right to call the chairman of the council a mayor. 

Recently we’ve attended the civic days of Epsom & Ewell, Hart, and Waverley. Over the next few days I’ll continue to report on some of our experiences.

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