A local curiosity – sign preservation needed

Here’s are two picture of an empty shop on Guildford Road in Frimley Green.

The historical shop sign was pointed out to me a while back, which I’d hadn’t noticed in all of the many, many times I’d driven past it. It’s worth preserving, and is worthy of a place in one of our local museums. Mons was the site of a WW1 battle.

I ‘googled’ the shop sign name, and this is what I turned up.

In the Francis Frith – Memories of Frimley Green was this comment:

“After The War:  I lived at 257 Frimley Green Road – where Warrens’ garage now stands – 1942 to 1954. There was an air-raid shelter on the Green which we watched being demolished.  Every Nov 5th there was a gigantic bonfire on the Green, fired by paraffin donated by Percy Warren; squaddies would come down from Deepcut and add to the tumult, one year detonating the Gents at the Rose & Thistle. Whenever I’m in the south I have a wander round the village, which has changed remarkably little; even The Mons is still there (or was in 2006) run by Mr Clapshaw, later by Mr Heap, who was one of the few shopkeepers who didn’t object (usually with good reason) to the village boys.”

And in Flickr, there was this comment:

“The Mons: I’ll have to research more when ‘The Mons’ closed. Wonder if it has recently been revealed after the removal of a more recent fascia. Even when I was growing up, private lending libraries were not ten a penny. Frimley Green, Surrey, 24th August 2009.”

I’ll ask Surrey Heath Museum if they know the history of this shop.

5 thoughts on “A local curiosity – sign preservation needed

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  2. I noticed the sign some years ago. It caught my eye as one of my father’s first names was Mons. As you might guess, he was born in 1914 as his father was fighting in the famous battle.

    As coincidence would have it, my father was stationed at Deepcut for a period during WW 2, and he told me that he used to walk to Frimley Green to buy cigarettes. I wonder if he noticed the name of the shop? Sadly it’s too late to ask.


  3. Helen, thank you for your comment. You’ve given me the impetus to act on my intention. Hope all is well with you.


  4. i remember the Mons shop as many years ago I use to help out after school wrapping the cones up for the sweets. sadly this week 11th august 2014 now being demolished.


  5. Hi I have been looking into the full history of the shop over the years and interviewed a lady who had a memory of the house had some connection to Mooneys family ? The Adds also were connected to the house/ shop. Any information would be great. Many thanks .


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