Why two darts world championships at the same time?

How odd, two world darts championships on at the same time, and both in the UK.

The British Darts Organisation’s World Professional Darts Championship is staged in our Borough at Lakeside Country Club in Frimley, and sponsored by Bob Potter. The BBC broadcasts the event on TV, which provides good free coverage for darts lovers anywhere.

Meanwhile the Professional Darts Corporation is holding its World Darts Championship at Crystal Palace, with TV broadcast by Sky TV on pay-per-view.  This championship includes the acknowledged world’s best in Darts, Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor, along with other well-known top players.

I asked Bob Potter why there are two world championships just after the 2010 championship. I even looked a bit more deeply as to why there are two championships and came away a touch confused. The two organisations have a different ethos. The BDO promotes darts at the grass-roots and organises championships at County level, while the PDC seems to focus entirely on a professional league.

I’m left wondering why there couldn’t be one unified sport? I imagine there are a couple of reasons, money and ego. However, with Phil Taylor’s fall from grace at the PDC event, Jonathan Liew in the Daily Telegraph reckons this event is on the wane, no matter than Prince Harry was in the audience. Could it be that Bob Potter has enough influence to bring both World Championships together for one event at Lakeside.

One thought on “Why two darts world championships at the same time?

  1. How strange. I was researching into this aswell. It seemed as if all the ‘top’ players no longer could no longer use darts as a way to fund themselves due to the poor public image of the game which caused sponsors to pull out. Ultimately leaving poor cash prizes and the BDO didnt find new sponsors because of the bad image so the top players took off and gained sky sports which obviosly means big cash payouts!


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