Lightwater blog’s person of the year 2010

Fraser Nelson was my 2009 person of the year. He was often a courageous lone voice, which is a key reason why he got my vote.

The chief personal characteristic that I look for in choosing person of the year is courage. Courage is a rare commodity. It means overcoming fear, which so often debilitates. Courage is taking a measured risk, not a careless risk.

I imagine you’ll not be surprised when I make David Cameron my 2010 person of the year.

I do so for a number of reasons. Primarily for the courage in forging a coalition government. Not easy to give up on a party’s sole grip on power. Although the other reasons are just as important, which are to have brought order and balance back to the office of Prime Minister. No longer do we blanch at the bullying, rudderless, and chaotic Brown government, nor the vanity and self-awareness of Tony Blair. Cameron seems made for the role.

Cameron’s joint press pre-Christmas press conference with Nick Clegg was a clincher, an accomplished performance. As they always say about leaders, be in it in sport or elsewhere, they have headroom. They make it all seem easy, and you know that they’ve more to give when required. In a complex and interconnected world this is a vital attribute.

Benedict Brogan offers his judgement on Cameron, as does Iain Martin.

3 thoughts on “Lightwater blog’s person of the year 2010

  1. Paul,
    Fear not, you’re my local activist of the year. Here’s a cheer to your blog, and its increasing readership and influence. HNY.


  2. Courage in forming a coalition government? What other choice did he have? Even against a hugely unpopular incumbent in Brown, he couldn’t win an overall majority, and was forced to bring the Lib Dems into the fray or face them joining forces with Labour and consigning them to another five years of opposition.

    What he has done well is deflect the blame for the huge, ideologically-driven cuts, which will destroy communities, increase the gap between rich and poor, and leave a million out of work, onto Osborne, Clegg and Cable.

    2011 will see more disturbances and unrest as the true nature of the cuts becomes clear to the populace. And it won’t just be the northerners or the poor – wait and see how public will turn against Cameron when the libraries start closing and the potholes never get repaired. They will see right through his plan to shift the blame onto local authorities.

    I will be surprised to see him last the year, unless he realises the error of his ways sharpish.


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