Andrew Neil makes political discussion fun

My objective in watching the last part of Question Time last week was so that I wouldn’t miss any of Andrew Neil’s This Week programme that followed it. I’m not the only person to consider Andrew Neil our foremost political interviewer.

From the start, the programme lightened my spirit, while Question Time is a trifle to portentous, This Week brings a smile to my face. Go on, see what I mean, look HERE.

In the last programme that smile remained, creasing my face from beginning to end, no doubt in part due to Terry Wogan’s contribution.

The format of one male and one female reviewer works well. The times when it’s been two male commenters has seemed rigid in comparison. Andrew Neil has tried a number of alternatives to Diane Abbott, now that Diane ‘s an opposition frontbencher, with Kate Hoey, Caroline Flint, and most recently Jacqui Smith.

All have been good value. But I’m surprisingly taken by Jacqui Smith. Insightful and bright, I think her background as Labour’s Home Secretary and as Chief Whip give her the gravitas to be a better foil to Michael Portillo than the others, and a big improvement on Diane Abbott, who was becoming tiresome in her answers about Obama, and the Labour leadership.

I’d like to see another outing of Jacqui Smith joining Michael Portillo on the This Week sofa, as the programme needs a settled team.

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