Cut of the day 7: Department of Culture, Media and Sport

No, it’s not the Department of Culture, Media and Sport being abolished, but there’s news in the Financial Times, and on ConservativeHome website of some serious spending cuts, which is where I saw this report,

“Jeremy Hunt, culture secretary, may control only a £2bn budget, but the Treasury is hugely impressed with what he plans to do with it. …. [he] has outlined cuts of 50 per cent in the running of his department in an attempt to protect frontline funding of arts and sport. … Mr Hunt’s aides say he was one of the first ministers to scrap official cars and end first-class travel. The Treasury is also impressed by his plans to move his department out of offices near Trafalgar Square with a view to sharing space with another Whitehall department, reducing an annual £10m rent bill.” – FT (£)

A few years ago, the memsahib and I visited the DCMS offices on an London Open House day. The guided tour focussed on the art on loan from the Government Art Collection. I sat in Dr Kim Howells chair, the then Minister for tourism and broadcasting, and admired his choice of art on his office walls. The offices are modern, light and spacious, not plush, but close to it. They are rather grandly placed just off Trafalgar Square [pictured]. So it’s to Jeremy Hunt enormous credit that he’s moving the DCMS offices.

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