Labour’s tactics against Coalition neatly summed up

Janet Daley, in Sunday’s Telegraph, has neatly summed up Labour’s unsubtle tactics to split the coalition government. Not for them the honesty of political debate, or serious discussion on policy, more a question of “lobbing rocks” at the coalition as she says,

“In the best tradition of desperate, unscrupulous opposition politics, Labour – leaderless and rudderless as it may be – is lobbing rocks at the Coalition with all the fervour and anarchic witlessness of a mob of teenage insurgents.”

“To this end, [Labour’s aim of destabilising of the Liberal-Conservative alliance] they are scraping up every shred of incompatibility and contradiction which they perceive – or pretend to perceive – and hawking it to their friends in the media, whose loyalty to the Labour cause (whatever it turns out to be in its coming reincarnation) is of North Korean proportions.”

Janet worries that there’s a danger of a split coming soon. I think she falls to easily in line with the Westminster-centric pundocracy who see in problems at every turn. The general public to my mind see the need for change, and are happy, wrong word – not happy, are genrally accepting of it.

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