Andrew Neil’s interviews with Labour leadership contenders

Yep, it’s a slow news day. I’m going back to Andrew Neil’s interview of Ed Miliband in last week’s This Week programme on BBC. Sadly the last in the series until September 23rd.

Andrew’s interview with Ed Mili was the last of his interviews of the Labour leadership contenders. Neil is the sharpest political interviewer on TV, and again his dissection of Ed Mili’s policy positions and brotherly competition proved it.

I know that these interviews are short and don’t allow in-depth discussion. Never the less they’re valuable pointers. Ed Mili came across as having less gravitas than expected, with him responding to one of Neil’s questions about his newness as an MP. And that was it really. Insufficient depth of experience.

Overall, the clear winner for me from Neil’s interviews was David Miliband. With better skills than any of the others in handling sharp political questioning and debate.

However, David Miliband isn’t in my estimation the sort of politician who can connect with the electorate. Labour would have been better served by appointing a stop-gap leader, such as Alastair Darling. It would have been better to begin the process of choosing a new leader at the Labour Party Conference. All the candidates, except Diane Abbott, are damaged by their recency in office, and have had insufficient time to develop a policy portfolio away from electoral hustings. But hey, it’s not my party, so my view doesn’t count a heap.

MILI-UPDATE: Paul Waugh has lots on the Mili-D and Mili-E sibling battle.

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