‘Vote early and vote often’

The phrase, ‘Vote early and vote often’, is generally attributed to corrupt Chicago Mayor’s Thompson and Daley, but seems to have been in use in earlier times.

Oooohhh, now I’m going to be a naughty boy. I’m requesting that you vote for this site in the Total Politics Blog Poll 2010-11, while having placed a corrupt thought in your mind, to vote often. Bad boy, bad boy. Just joking.

Dear readers, thanks to your kindness in voting for this site in last year’s blog poll, it was ranked 15th out of the top 30 Councillor blogs in the country. Is it wrong to want to rise up the rankings? I hope not, for there’s that selfish part of me that wants to see Lightwater, the village, its people, and its prospects also rise. Heck, it’s my ward and it’s where I’ve lived for 25 years.

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