Andrew Neil uncovers Labour’s prospective leaders delusions

For two weeks running now Andrew Neil, on his This Week late night political commentary show, has successfully uncovered the delusional mindset of two prospective leader’s of the Labour Party.

On This Week on 8th July Andrew interviewed David Miliband and used his skilful forensic questioning to attempt to uncover Miliband’s delusions on our tacit agreement to torture. David Miliband would have considered that Andrew Neil failed to make the charge stick. That maybe so. That Neil persisted so long in questioning on this topic ensured he was the winner of the exchange. Miliband’s high-minded and dismissive replies exhibited the lack of moral seriousness for which he’s known.

Last night it was Ed Balls’ turn to face Andrew Neil. Yet again the unbridled delusions of a prospective Labour leader were cruelly uncovered. Quizzed by Andrew on being Gordon Brown’s henchman and cause of much of the bile in New Labour, drawing on quotations from books by Andrew Rawnsley, Peter Mandelson, Anthony Seldon, and Alastair Campbell, Ed Balls could only say it was all “balderdash and rubbish”. But, the telling point was Neil’s when he said “are all these people making it up?” Iain Martin isn’t convinced of Balls’ innocence.

The winner to date from Andrew’s interviews with leadership candidates, Diane Abbott, Andy Burnham, David Miliband, and Ed Balls, has to be David Miliband. He was the most skilful and lucid in his answers. Just one more to go, it’s Ed Miliband’s turn next week.

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