Choices, choices: Newsnight, or Question Time, + This Week

I like my news and analysis raw, not reheated, as it were, by watching a later recording of it. I know that’s not always possible, but it’s how I like it. If there’s shock and surprise I like to get it first hand.

Thursday night tonight, so it must be a political talk-fest. However, I’ve a small problem. I’m keen to watch Newsnight, and their analysis and possible discussion of William Hague’s recasting of UK foreign policy, so this will take precedence over Question Time. Then, deciding whether to watch This Week will depend who’s on the sofa with Michael Portillo.

Analysis of William Hague’s speech is my top priority. It’s the  effectiveness of our foreign policy and diplomatic priorities that can help make a huge difference to our economic well-being. We’ve got to be as outward looking a mercantile nation as were our Victorian forefathers.

Did you know, I imagine you do, that there are cities in China whose entire existence is centered around factories making socks, or ones making ties. I know this isn’t high up in foreign policy terms, but we need to understand global markets, and global manufacturing trends. Having diplomats and trade consulates overseas is the way to understand geo-political and geo-trade developments.

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