Giving This week a miss this week

Thursday evening is normally my politics fix. Catching a snippet of Newsnight before Question Time begins. Then after Question Time its Andrew Neil and This Week, which means retiring to bed after 12.30, more often than not well after 1.0pm if I’m motivated to compose a blog post or two.

However this Thursday evening, after the disappointment of Question Time, I watched and enjoyed Andrew Neil’s introduction and Diane and Michael’s moments of the week. But, then when he announced the guest line-up of Will Hutton, Sally Bercow, and Nick Watt my heart sank. The mere thought of listening to a Will Hutton negative diatribe, followed by a political lightweight in Sally Bercow, only to be rounded off by a Guardian political commentator, in total, I considered this would suck out my very lifeblood.

I had Donald Sutherland’s words [as Sgt Oddball] flood in from my memory in the film Kelly’s Heroes, “Always with the negative waves Moriarty, always with the negative waves.” 

However, it seems I missed a peach of a conversation between Diane Abbott and Andrew Neil, which Guido has thoughtfully captured. Perhaps, as Guido suggests, Andrew Neil has tired of Diane Abbott. I just get the feeling that Andrew Neil feels his show has been used as a political platform by Diane Abbott.

Of all the alternatives on the sofa with Michael Portillo I particularly liked Caroline Flint. Sensible and intelligent comment. Methinks, like Guido, that Diane has overplayed her hand. Bring on the change, I’m backing Flint for the sofa. I have history with Caroline, HERE.

UPDATE: James Forsyth in the Spectator is commenting on Diane’s disaster too.

3 thoughts on “Giving This week a miss this week

  1. I’m not sure what was going on in that program. Will Hutton did a really good job I think – not particularly because I necessarily agree with him, but because he came over as thoughtful and would at least consider the other side.

    As for Diana – she was evasive and there have clearly been other things going on which we don’t know about. It looked personal from Andrew Neil’s side. What has been going on there? Also this sudden coyness about what she stands for, what is that all about?

    In the case of Sally Bercow – heavens. What on Earth does anybody in the media want with her (the back story of posh ladette is surely not enough)? I thought she was awful and surely nobody is going to trust her with a position of any responsibility (like having here stand anywhere she might win). I think she invited people to say what they thought (although thought’s clearly don’t run very deep in this case).

    On question that Neil could have asked either of his two lady guests was what they felt about private education as they could have had an interesting debate between the pair of them.


  2. Thanks for your observations Steve. I’m glad, from your comments, that I didn’t stay up for Sally Bercow. Perhaps I’m too dismissive of Will Hutton. But as I say, I couldn’t take any more negativity.


  3. Ah well, I can’t stand Question Time as I find it a zoo with an audience deliberately chosen for its polarity of views (but then I’m not very tribal). So I go to bed before both programmes, and put This Week on to record to view at my leisure.

    As for negativity. It’s rather difficult to be positive at the moment, and as John Cleese’s chronologically obsessive character said in Clockwise, “Despair I can cope with; it’s the hope I can’t stand”.


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