An update on youth dance in Surrey Heath

Mustn’t forget my promise to provide an update on the discussions on youth dance at last week’s meeting of Surrey Heath’s Leisure & Environment Scrutiny Committee [click on Youth Dance to see the paper presented to the committee].

The presentation on the youth dance paper was preceded by an inspiring video from Youth Dance England, highlighting the value of dance to all sections of the community, the disabled and able-bodied.

My questions to the officers can be summed as, “excellent paper, but what’s next. What plans have Arts & Leisure to establish a festival of youth dance in the Borough?” I’m looking for the Council to be the instigators of a festival of youth dance. I know the dance schools provide dancers for our pantomime, but surely there’s an opportunity to be creative, and recognise the numbers involved in youth dance, and provide a Borough-wide outlet for all this youthful energy.

Cllr Alastair Graham offered an intelligent idea, that the Council should encourage places in the Borough for street dance, as can be seen in parts of London.

All the committee members were keen to send the paper to the Council’s executive committee with the recommendation that council officers investigate available funding sources, and to look at the potential for a youth dance festival.

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