Oh, the tortured calculations

Well, you could’ve knocked me down with a feather. I never expected that the Financial Times would declare for the Conservatives in this election. Seems they have in the editorial in Tuesday’s paper.

The FT’s Westminster blog is on my blog roll, specifically because its take on the political scene has a unique finance and City perspective. It’s two main writers, Frank Jim Pickard and Alex Barker, have, it seems to me, a strong leftish agenda, never seeking an opportunity to find the positive in Conservative policy.

Oh, how tortured must have been the discussions and calculations to come out for the Tories. I listened to the paper’s editor, Lionel Barber, being interviewed by Jeff Randall, on Randall and Boulton Unleashed. His endorsement of the Conservatives was offered on the basis that they would be best at reducing the size of the state, and be best for and enterprise and wealth creating culture. His words in the editorial were,

“They [the Conservatives] are not a perfect fit, but their instincts are sound. Their fiscal plans, while vague, suggest they would do most to reduce the size of the state – cutting more and taxing less than their opponents. They would create the best environment for enterprise and wealth creation.”

Spot on Lionel.

UPDATE: Oops, penalty of late night blogging, I called the estimable Jim Pickard, Frank. Apologies offered.

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