Election coverage; who’s best

Lordy, lordy, save us from partisan political panels. I’ve just listened to Eddie Mair interview the PM programmes new election panel – Lord Steel, Baroness Prosser, and Lord Parkinson. Political insight – zero; impartiality – zippo; enjoyment – zilch.

This is but one of many such panels brought together to shed supposed light on the election. Do they provide insight? No, a thousand times, no.

So where to go for insightful, brief, and hopefully impartial political reporting of daily election events?

The Daily Press: Certainly not The Guardian – too quick to find any fault to rubbish the opposition; the Financial Times Westminster Blog – only slightly less partial than the Guardian; The Times – probably the best of the daily press.

TV Channels: I’ve looked at them all over the last few days. This is my judgement. BBC News – yes extensive coverage, but there’s just such a lot of it. Of course, Nick Robinson is a must read blog, he’s generally where the action is; ITV News – surprisingly good and balanced coverage with some good blogs, especially Tom Bradby’s excellent blog; Channel 4 – sorry, I’m no fan, but a couple of good blogs. especially the FactCheck blog; Sky News – obviously not the 15 minutes, every 15 minutes bit.  Now, Randall and Boulton Unleashed, that’s going to be my choice. Two tough hombres that see through political chicanery every night between 7 and 8 pm.   

Twittershere, Blogosphere, etc: Impartially and depth, well, you’ll have to seek that out for yourself. I couldn’t possibly comment ……

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