Is there a hidden deal with Tony Blair?

Slippery Tony Blair has surfaced from his money-making adventures around the world to pop up in his old constituency to offer support to Gordon Brown.

I wonder what the deal is with Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. Support me and I’ll keep the investigators away from prying into how you make your multi-millions. It wouldn’t surprise me.

David Cameron’s reaction, as reported by Conservative Home, is “Nice to see him make a speech that nobody’s paying for.” Well, that’s the question, isn’t it. If everything you do on leaving office is to do it for money, direct or through your own charity, then people will rightly conclude that there may be a deal behind his support.

It demeans the office of Prime Minister, to have a past one so keen to hide his income from public view. Tony Blair may have currency and status elsewhere in the world. He has none here in the UK. I’m somewhat surprised that he has homes here. That his children have Irish passports doesn’t speak of a commitment to this country.

If Labour want to use him in the election campaign, fine. But, for me he’s a lightening rod for negativity with Labour.

Others are quizzical about his reappearance too. Guido Fawkes, naturally. Peter Hoskin in the Spectator. Although the Jim Pickard in the Financial Times still sees traces of stardust around Blair.

One thought on “Is there a hidden deal with Tony Blair?

  1. Interesting commentary – I do think you might be right about some backhanded deals. Blair has no real reason to come back and campaign for a Labour victory other than there being something in it for him. Or perhaps I’m far too pessimistic.

    I think his involvement might have a positive impact upon Labour’s campaign – no matter what we think of him, he’s a very good speaker and actor – he could fool us all again.

    However, he also brings back memories of the Iraq war, and highlights the stark contrast between Blair being at ease with the media and public, and Brown’s dour demeanour.


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