Diane Abbott gets stuck into Esther Rantzen

Well, somebody had to. The This Week programme last night had deliciously barbed exchanges from Diane Abbott MP, to hopefully for her, soon to be MP, Esther Rantzen.

Direct attacks are far less frequent than you imagine. So Diane’s full-frontal attack on Esther Rantzen’s motives and attempt to say all MP’s are mired in sleaze, is a must watch TV clash. Here are a few of Diane’s comments to Esther,

“… celebrities parachuted in from outside, that isn’t going to change anythting.”

“My argument is you shouldn’t be a z-list celebrity before you become a politician, because it’s the wrong way round.”

“You’re parachuted in, you’re not local.”

“But you, knowning better, shouldn’t smear all MP’s.”

One thought on “Diane Abbott gets stuck into Esther Rantzen

  1. When Diane Abbott says Esther Rantzen was parachuted in, that is what the major political parties do, including her own party. Did Diane have a parachure early on?

    I suspect that Esther Rantzen doesn’t even own an aeroplane, let alone a parachute.

    She is more like a freedom fighter, smuggling herself in to the constituency to help the locals. A sort of underground person trying to beat both major party political machines.

    More power to ger arm!


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