Cameron’s humour in his reply to the Budget

I know humour delivered in Parliamentary debates is mostly of the political kind, and therefore only funny according to your political leaning. However I did find these lines in David Cameron’s response to the Budget [from Hansard], highly amusing. I’ll not explain them if you don’t see the joke:

“Labour Members are leaving. The taxis for hire are on their way out of the Chamber.”

“Let us have a look in detail at the appalling mess that the Prime Minister and Baldemort seem to find so funny.” [Refer to Guido for the Baldemort quip].

“Let us take the mortgage support scheme, which was announced in December 2008. The Government said: “This is real help for homeowners”. So how many households did it help? Fifteen. That cost £66,000 per household helped; or, to put it in currency that the Cabinet can understand, that is about 13 days of Geoff Hoon’s consultancy fees.”

“To be fair to the Prime Minister, there is one forecast that he got spot-on. He told an audience of bankers: “What you as the City of London have done for financial services, we as a government intend to do for the economy as a whole”. That is a pledge he met in full.”

“Having been fourth in the world for tax and regulation, we are now 84th and 86th. We have gone from the top of the premier league to the bottom of the conference in 13 wasted years—and we say that it is time to sack the manager. No wonder “Match of the Day” did not want him.”

“This Prime Minister will never get a medal for courage—although it has to be said that most of his Cabinet get mentioned in “Dispatches”.”

There was one other on ‘sticking with Gordon’, but it’s a bit too long. Never mind, that’s six corkers delivered in his speech. Always good to mix humour into a speech, but it ain’t an easy thing to do well. Cameron succeeded.

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