Listening to John Major

512px-john_major_6357734833Last night I attended a fund-raising event where ex-prime minister John Major was the star guest. Not only do prime ministers travel with personal security people they have a lasting aura of authority. It’s also rarity value, we’ve only four living prime ministers; Thatcher, Major, Blair, and Brown.

John Major spoke of the differences in ethical standards between the 13 years of Labour and all previous governments, deploring debasing of politics by Labour. He did tell a couple of cracking stories, one about cricket, a passion of John Major which is far to long to re-tell here, and this lovely story about a meeting with Boris Yeltsin, president of Russia from 1991 to 1999:

John Major: Tell Mr President, How is everything in Russia?

Boris Yeltsin: Good, ugh.

John Major: And how is it in two words Mr President?

Boris Yeltsin: Not good

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